Vodafone was looking to boost its profile with pay-as-you-go customers (usually students with lower income) but because of its strong positioning in the corporate and business it was always seen as an expensive option.

To change people’s perspective Vodafone changed its plans, giving something free on every top up, and asked us to promote this change with a brand new campaign.

Hence, the ‘Freebees’.

Jack and Mike are two characters who live in a world parallel to our own except that they (and everyone else) just happen to be bees. Like all bees, they are extremely social, so their phones are essential facilitators of their social lives and Vodafone’s ‘Freebee’ deals really help them out.

Our two bees are voiced by stand-up comedian Dan Antopolski, winner ‘Best Joke of the Edinburgh Festival 2009’ (for “Hedgehogs: why can’t they just share the hedge?”) and comic actor Karl Theobald (“Green Wing”).

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