Look Up


Despite us being more connected than ever before, our digital devices are making us increasingly disconnected, especially during dinner time.

We wanted to encourage families to turn tech off and come together round the dinner table to enjoy a tech-free meal.

To dramatize how technology is hijacking our meal times we created an online piece of content in which we secretly filmed tech-distracted family members and changed elements of their homes around them, from pieces of furniture to even the kids’ actual parents without them noticing.

The film (featuring the familiar voice of Come Dine With Me’s Dave Lamb) ran across various online platforms such as You Tube and Facebook in the UK, Ireland and Australia. It was viewed over 60 million times to date globally and have generated a significant amount of additional earned media reach via PR, including featuring in The Mail Online, The Sun, The Sunday Times and even being picked up as far afield as America on the most watched US morning TV show, Good Morning America! The film came 2nd in You Tube’s ‘Ads Leaderboard’ in September 2016.




Cannes 2017
1 Finalist - Film
1 Finalist - PR

New York Festivals 2017
1 Finalist - Integrated/Mixed Media

Fab Awards 2017
1 Silver - Online Advertising

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